Let’s play innovation: Go to Start!

In search of the game Innovation
This website is in search of a practical description of the  game we call Innovation. I follow the assumption that it would be useful to look at innovation as a game played between ‘professionals’. Who are the main players, what cards are used, what does the playing field look like, how can you cheat, how can you win, when do you lose? The outcome is hopefully a simple visualization of this innovation game that helps `professionals` to play.

In my work as an executive development trainer I found that almost every subject could be looked at as a game that people play. Political games, the game of negotiation, war games, the black-sheep-game, conflict games, etc. etc.  Even this blog is a game. Together with students I described some of these interaction games, and it helped them and myself to look at apparently complex systems in a more simple and therefor accessible way.

Keep it simple
People get stuck in complex systems. They don’t know what is the best thing to do. On the other hand is my experience that a lot of people make simple things (most of the time unconsciously) complex so they don’t have to choose. I for instance thought it was very complex which new laptop to choose… “It is so complex, there is much to choose, which processor do I need…”. Bottom line is that we are afraid of something, like afraid to fail or being excluded by the group. This is nothing different in innovation where you have to become visible with your new idea, and failure is more likely than in normal processes. So, let’s approach Innovation as a game that people play, don’t take it to personal, and look at failure as a step on the game board. Next round is for you!

Be a participant
Hundreds meters of books have been written about Innovation; the only problem with books is that you have to read so much and afterwards I personally forget most of it. Games on the other hand help you to feel the flow of a process, and make you an active participant. I get active by visualizations, music, funny models, games, and examples. They make me creative. I will therefor try to approach interesting innovators and ask them to approach the Game of Innovation with the use of images, self-made models, etc. I will combine this with my stay in Boston, the innovation hub of the US! My personal rule will be to keep it simple, because we don’t want to get stuck in complexity nor in high ego.

So let´s play innovation, and I welcome you as an active participant to this website. Share what is needed, and make simple what is to complex. Roll the dice and have fun!