Co create an event on Innovation and Playfulness (Vote for the Name)

On the 11th or January 2013 de Baak organizes the annual international Meet The World event, which has this year a focus on Innovation and how Playfulness can help organizations in this process. You could say that it is an offline version of this blog. At the moment we are looking for partners and other fun & interesting people to help us to co create this festival. You could be part of this process! Let’s prototype!

Please have a look at our draft webpage with a magazine which describes the outlines. 

And of course vote for the best name for this event. We put it on the right, so it connects well with your analytical left brain.

We’ve already started, so come out and play!


MIT offers OpenCourseWare in which you can probably find your favorite subject, and look at the sheets and sometimes even videos of a course that was given some time ago. I found this page about Dynamic Leadership and Improvisation. It is not really something new, but I found it fun to watch how they teach improvisation skills and mindset at MIT. It combines some powerpoint slides with videos taken in the class.

Dynamic Leadership: Using Improvisation in Business (OpenCourseWare MIT)

“The first two week of this course are an overview of performing improvisation with introductory and advanced exercises in the techniques of improvisation. The final four weeks focus on applying these concepts in business situations to practice and mastering these improvisation tools in leadership learning.”