Chomsky on Innovation and Education


While being in a motel at Cape Cod my girlfriend was reading a book from the great thinker Noam Chomsky. Nothing to be embarrassed about so far. I became curious what he had to say about Innovation and found this quote in which he links the subject
to culture and education.

“It’s the way cultural progress takes place generally. Classical artists, for example, came out of a tradition of craftsmanship that was developed over long periods, with master artisans and others, and sometimes, you can rise on their shoulders and create new marvelous things. But it doesn’t come from nowhere. If there isn’t a lively cultural and educational system, which is geared towards encouraging creative exploration, independence of thought, willingness to cross frontiers, to challenge accepted beliefs… if you don’t have that, you’re not going to get the technology that could lead to economic gains.”

On June 22th de Baak wil host (together with Kennisland) a Round Table on Innovation in Education. Main guests are professionals from the ArtScienceLab from Boston and Paris who will present a successful program  that could be interesting for the Netherlands also. Have a look at De Baak website for more information, and get connected.