Challenging your thoughts

Last weeks I worked with several groups from larger companies on the prototyping fase of their innovation challenge: build your ideas and test them. And it has been a graveyard of well-intentioned initiatives. Momento mori. So why do I have a smile on my face? 

“I assure you that 90% of the briljant elements in your prototype will turn out different then expected, will even be destroyed, when you let your target group play with it. So, step away from your ego, and be happy: you’re learning!”  And indeed, most participants came back with a smile and a tear (and I don’t trust the other ones;)). They had to let go what they thought was the best for the customer, and happy that they hadn’t put all their tokens on false assumptions. We learned a lot about getting out there, trail and improve, knowing when to stop, and combing ideas.

But maybe the thing I like best: In the last two  / three years there is an interesting shift noticeable in the larger organizations  I work for: they are actually experimenting with new ways of working! Even during the darkest periods of the crises 80% of de Baak’s customers talked about innovation, but didn’t really try something new. This is changing rapidly, making a shift in hart (how to connect), head (how do I see the world and the future) and hands (how do I work in a different way). And yes, it is  still very small most of the time, but every movement has to start somewhere…


Hidden Design from Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken on Vimeo.

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