Co create an event on Innovation and Playfulness (Vote for the Name)

On the 11th or January 2013 de Baak organizes the annual international Meet The World event, which has this year a focus on Innovation and how Playfulness can help organizations in this process. You could say that it is an offline version of this blog. At the moment we are looking for partners and other fun & interesting people to help us to co create this festival. You could be part of this process! Let’s prototype!

Please have a look at our draft webpage with a magazine which describes the outlines. 

And of course vote for the best name for this event. We put it on the right, so it connects well with your analytical left brain.

We’ve already started, so come out and play!

Steve Leybourne: Improvisation in Organizations (Round Table at de Baak)

In August 2011 I invited  Steve Leybourne  as a guest speaker at de Baak about Improvisation in Organizations. He is a assistant professor at Boston University in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the behavioural aspects of Change and Project Management. He has done interesting research in Improvisation in business environments. I welcome his insights because he is not focussed on improvisation as a metaphor but as an competence of a senior professional who has to deal with ambiguity. As a former banker, he helps us to define when improvisation is useful in a professional environment.  

My apologies for the bad quality of the tape. Luckily I’m not going to make the joke that “we’re just improvising”, that would be to easy. Guests at this round table Conference were a mix of people with an Business, Improvisation, Education, Government, etc. occupation. 

Explanation innovation program (Dutch): Transforming Innovation into Business

Deze video geeft een toelichting op het Baak programma Transforming Innovation into Business, waarbij we onder andere een bezoek brengen aan Boston en MIT. Het programma heeft als doel om jouw business challenge  op het gebied van innovatie een stap verder te brengen. Daarbij wordt je onderdeel van een internationaal innovatie netwerk. Handig als je verder wil kijken.

Ik zal zelf vanaf 1 april 2012 voor een half jaar in Boston verblijven om het netwerk hier verder uit te breiden, en een interessant programma voor onze deelnemers te kunnen bieden. Als je interesse hebt in het programma of een stap verder denkt laat het dan natuurlijk vooral weten!

Transforming Innovation into Business

Getting started – a tragedy

This movie represents me on days when I want to accomplish something but I forget so sit down and focus. I behave like this all the time, until I get really anoyed by myself, or the deadline is getting closer. I think that there are more personal reasons below this behavior, like being afraid that the chosen initiative will fail, or you don’t like the initiative and fail to accept this. Getting older or having `another disorder´ are of course great excuses;)

Anyway, I like this little movie. It´s a tragedy.