Steve Leybourne: Improvisation in Organizations (Round Table at de Baak)

In August 2011 I invited  Steve Leybourne  as a guest speaker at de Baak about Improvisation in Organizations. He is a assistant professor at Boston University in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the behavioural aspects of Change and Project Management. He has done interesting research in Improvisation in business environments. I welcome his insights because he is not focussed on improvisation as a metaphor but as an competence of a senior professional who has to deal with ambiguity. As a former banker, he helps us to define when improvisation is useful in a professional environment.  

My apologies for the bad quality of the tape. Luckily I’m not going to make the joke that “we’re just improvising”, that would be to easy. Guests at this round table Conference were a mix of people with an Business, Improvisation, Education, Government, etc. occupation.