Review Masterclass The Innovator’s Eye (by Nicole Kemp)

Last Wednesday Suzanne Merritt facilitated the Masterclass The Innovator’s Eye on Purpose Driven Innovation and the C.U.R.I.O.S.I.T.Y. framework. She was key note speaker at the Beat The World event, and de Baak invited her back to teach professionals from the Let’s Play Innovation network how to empower your workforce with a more innovative mindset. Master Student Nicole Kemp was there, and gives us her insights:

de Baak
“Curiosity model and the 8 paths-to-purpose brings infinity to meaningful innovation”
Contradiction: I am speechless about this masterclass while I feel to shout out loud about it.
Universal: I am inspired by every single beauty who participated in this class and I am curious to the unknown beauty in the rest of the world.
Rules: This class makes me a stronger believer in “everyone’s beauty will save the world”. – Cristian Mihai Intersections: This class teaches how opportunities become attracting when two extremes (re)applied with pride
Ordinary: Suzanne Merritt let you play with Art in such away that it turns you in an extraordinary innovater
Surprises: The surprising effect of this class is becoming in one day an artists yourself and revealing the innovator in you
Invisible: Learn how to get an innovators eye by seeing through literally different lenses and angles (photography, poem, ..)
Transformation: Suzanne Merritt teaches you what you did not see before and “Let the beauty you love be what you do”. -Rumi
Yours: Your resources are infinite; they go beyond what you see at first sight, take a master class yourself and discover it.

Thank you very much Suzanne Merritt, but also everyone who participated and thanks De Baak, in particular Rutger, for organizing this.

An unforgettable lifetime experience.

420128_3157149178454_1237176163_n (1)Nicole Kemp is a Master student Business Administration – specialization strategy. Her Master thesis is on open innovation in the early stages of innovative large companies in the high-tech industry. “She did not know it could not be done, so she went ahead and did it” – by Almanac, Mary S. After her thesis she aspires to a management traineeship and to launch her pre-stage idea. 


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