Mr Six and Banana Guy

Past weekend I was in Berlin. We did an amazing tour past the street art scene of Berlin. Two artists really stuck to my brain, Mr 6 and Banana Guy. They’ve mastered the art of marketing through mystery & simplicity. 

Mr 6, is a mysterious guy who dedicates his live painting the number six on several objects, buildings etc. Apparently he spends about six hours a day painting this number six and he did about 600.000 number sixes so far. Hardly anyone really knows him and there are several conspiracies about his work. For example, many people think he paints the number six on everything that is broken and/or needs to be repaired. Like dying an orange dot of paint on the trees that needs to be cut.

Another theory is that it has something to do with the German grading system (in which a six is the lowest mark you can get). This could mean that Mr 6 uses the sixes to express his disgust. Whatever is true, the thing that fascinates me is that there is great street art everywhere and that most people remind the ugly number six of mister six. Why? First of all because of the simplicity and mystery of it. But second of all, it’s a great and easy story to tell. The story in itself is well transmissible.

Another example is Banana Guy. Another who also dedicated his live painting signs. His sign is (not very surprisingly) a banana. It looks a lot like the famous banana from Andy Warhol. Anyway, this guy is painting this banana on every art gallery he likes. Since he done so much of them, it has become a symbol of status. If you earned a banana, you’ve done well as a gallery. What set this in motion is that there is now a banana art gallery guide to Berlin.

foto (6)    Berlin    berlin1   Berlin2

It makes me think what sign I could create. For example a sign to tell if a company is playful. Or has incorporated the Human Side of Enterprise well in his business. What would it set in motion if I would do that? Without asking permission or giving explanation. The guidelines Mr six and Banana Guy gave me are:

–          Make it mysterious
–          Keep it stupid simple
–          Repeat it, repeat it, repeat it
–          Make it easily transmissible

What can you add to these guidelines?


One comment on “Mr Six and Banana Guy

  1. OMG,
    You should really watch the docu: Exit Through The Giftshop
    and do some research on: Banksy, this dude is an expert in experimental thinking and doing..
    Your mind will be blowed by shitloads of AWE 🙂

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