Why gallery art is boring

This weekend I was in berlin where I did an awesome street art tour. Many people refer to Berlin as a playground for creativity & experimentation. A home for many entrepreneurs & artists. This post is about how graffity artists are using the city as a playground for art. 

During the Tour we circled around many graffiti art works on the streets. Although it’s illegal to do graffiti in public areas, Berlin is full of it. Artists are being appreciated by the quality of their work, but since it is illegal as well by the risk they had to take to make it. This means that artists who graffiti in prominent places are being appreciated more. The “illegal element” is making the act of doing graffiti art more fun/exciting. I bet that if the government made it legal, they would spoil the fun. Btw: what makes it even more fun is that it is illegal to DO it (if you get caught WHILE graffiti-ing), but if it’s appreciated enough it isn’t illegal to HAVE DONE it. That’s why you can track some artists online through the trademark/pseudonym they leave besides there artwork.

My statement is that gallery art is boring. Why? First of all, it’s legal, so creating it is less exciting. Second of all: if you enter a gallery you EXPECT to see art. You expect to be surprised which makes the surprise less powerful. In my perspective art should surprise you. Create a miniature short circuit to forces you out of your daily patterns. Best way to do this in a place where you would least expect it and where you’re functioning on your auto pilot. Public places like the train station or a toilet.

I would pledge for less galleries and stimulate integrating art in public areas. If it’s being appreciated (if it contributes to the environment), leave it (for a while). If not, remove it or let other artist cover up on it. Some kind of democratic art ;). This way were going to use our cities as playgrounds for artwork. Result is a constantly changing environment that surprises you and makes you blush.

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