Playing with Flow

This week I created a new playshop about Let’s Play Innovation. I’s called: Playing with Flow. I compare being in a flow like having a gold star with Mario Kart. You light up, you speed up and probably you smile more. When you have a gold star all the challenges seem a lot lighter. How can you get that gold star feeling while working in a team?

During the playshop we’re going to experiment with impro techniques, playful interventions and play design to see what happens to the flow between you and the people you work with. A playground for experimentation to find out: What mindset works best? What tools can you use? What’s the influence of the context? And how can you create a basis to play with these elements?

What I learned during the creation process is that you should focus on what’s happening between people in stead of focussing on what’s happing with yourself. The answer lies in the middle. Goal is to find out what creates flow, so you can influence having flow more often. The playshop takes place on march 25th (monday evening) in Utrecht. For more information read more on this facebook page.

If you have any suggestions to make this playshop even more valuable, don’t hesitate to leave a comment :).


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