No individual knows, but collectively we do

I have been reading some of Matt Ridley’s books in the past with great interest.
The books Genome and the Red Queen are great popular science books about human biology and the role of DNA. Little did I know that this aristocratic man of science would als try to lead a bank. During his term, he would face a near bankruptcy, walk away unharmed and write a book. His dad was also a banker, so it must have been a matter of the right DNA.

Here is the TED talk which is also the opening chapter of his book “The rational optimist”. During this talk he touches upon the toaster project, which you can see and read about in my other blogpost. Making a toaster without the power of the division of labour is not so easy. Especially when you decide to make all components of the toaster from scratch. This talk stresses that no individual knows enough by him or herself to make (for example) a toaster or a computermouse, but that collectively we do.


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