Feathers originated for sex, not for flying

This morning I read the newspaper. What I read was stunning: A recent Canadian publication in Science showed that feathers originated for sex, not for flying. The fact that feathers make flying possible was an evolutionary bycatch.

Hilarious, isn’t it? That such an evolutionary breakthrough basicly was a coincidence. I believe that play (a state of being) can create these unexpected breakthroughs aswell. In play you just do, with the goal of having fun. But by doing, you’ll created something which resonates and forges you to step into the uncertainty. Before you know it things can turn into unexpected directions where you can you stumble upon ideas or connections that you would never have found through a linear process.

So the clue:

– Use linear processes of innovation for small improvements
– Use non-linear processes (like play) and “let go” to create mayor breakthroughs in innovation



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