Playfulness and Time: Slowing down to accelerate

Last Tuesday and Wednesday we had a strategy meeting at de Baak with all Program Directors and our new CEO Arko van Brakel. One of the things that he noticed being in the organization for 1,5 months was a roller coaster feeling. Not only in emotions but also in time pressure. Everybody is working really hard, but what does it do with the creativity of the organization if you don’t take the time to think a bit longer, to play some more minutes with the elements at hand, and to really listen to your environment? We decided to slow down to accelerate in times of Big Hurry. 

But how do I get more time?

1) Focus (10x)
2) Dare to be clear to your environment what they can expect from you (and what not!)
3) Schedule time to be creative (John Cleese “Boundaries of time and space”)

It isn’t that complex (rational), but it can of course difficult (emotional) to make it happen.

Have a look at this video about what time can do…, and notice that there are still boundaries, focus and clarity.


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