From Meet The World to Beat The World

What happens if you really want to work with partners in stead of contractors? Things don’t go as planned… and get better! From a Meet The World conference to a Beat The World Festival!

Meet The World
Every year de Baak organizes the Meet The World event which acts as a stage for actualities in Leadership that are important to the World, as Endurability, Entrepreneurship and Post-Crisis Leadership. This year it is about Playfulness. The world is rapidly changing and organizations struggle to find new ways to remain part of the game. The focus of the event is therefor on on Innovation and how Playfulness can help organizations in this process. How can we play with our surroundings to find new breakthroughs that our environment needs? Following our old patterns will get us where we already are.

So to find these next practices it was needed to meet up with new partners, who think differently and bring in new experiences. Last Thursday we had therefor our second co creation session at Deloitte Innovation, with attending partners Endemol, MadLogic, MAD Multimedia, and HKU (other partners like MIT, Knowmads, UMCG, etc. gave there impulses online). Filled with proud we presented  the new logo, framework, teaser, etc. etc. The only thing missing in our presentation were a troop of enthusiastic cheerleaders.We naively thought to have an easy afternoon in which we would just fill this framework and drink some coffee…

The thing with inspiring partners is that they  have other visions then you do. Maybe you recognize this from your situation at home… (beware otherwise). After a session full of new dreams, questions, a bit of dying, and enthusiasm we found a new playful goal for the Festival in which every partner wanted to invest as it was their own. As it is with rapid prototyping, we now have to change our logo into a more name that is congruent with the gamification vision on this event: Beat The World! I hope that we’re going to be able to create a challenging environment at this Festival with new partnerships as a result which can help to overcome the challenges that our society faces.

Beat The World ‘Let’s play innovation’
We set ourselves the goal to become the Number One Nation for Innovation before the end of this decade. Not because it is easy, but because we want to be an endurable community which inspires the rest of the world. To achieve this goal we have to find new ways of organizing, creating and delivering. We invite you to come and play with inspiring professionals from Governmental Institutions, Science, Creative Industries and Business. Cheat, hack, and go underground with challenging new concepts, and create tomorrow’s world.” 
(partners Beat The World) 
Please comment to bring it to the next level! You can join the Festival in two weeks at our new website

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