Feng Shui innovation for Hong Kong… and some clean tech please

We arrived a couple of days ago in Hong Kong. The first night we spent at a Hong Kong Island Hotel in a room with a commanding panoramic view. That hotel and the roof top pool were great to sleep off and swim off the jet-lag. After the leasure comes the traveler’s hard work. So from the international hotel we moved to a rented flat in downtown Kowloon. The place is surrounded by hundreds of textile front stores. These stores take orders for the mainland Chinese manufacturing facilities and ship the goods globally via the harbour. After all the “Hong” in Hong Kong stands for trading company and that is exactly the vibe of Kowloon: Trade with a capital “T”. Somebody here threw out the “F” of Feng Shui long ago and replaced it with the “F” of Finance and trade.

The elementary profit and loss for Hong Kong gives plenty of room for clean tech innovation:
Water: can not be drunk from the tap and better not swim in the harbour waters.
Air / Wind: hard to breath because of the fine dust particles and exhaust related smog.
Earth: where there was a village of 500 people there now is a HK newtown housing 80,000 people, stacked.
Fire: every day HK burns the massive amounts of fossil fuels, required for it’s trade and transport.

So let the simplified P&L of the elements guide the Chinese to a brighter Hong Kong, from the smog into the light. No wonder that Hong Kong’s neighbour Shenzhen is trying to become an industrial clean tech giant. The market and real life laboratory for clean tech lies right next door.


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