Jan’s Valuable Lesson

In a comment on the post Office of the future fit for Innovation, co-writer Jan Raes gave me a ridiculous challenge: “…I would like you to record and post a movie, where someone gives you something for free, that is actually not free to start with (a coffee, candy, food, some kind of service! Not money!) for making them laugh about one of your stories. This person must be a stranger to start out with.”. It is now several weeks later…

At first I was trying to find ways to influence people with NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and brainwaves so that they would give me all their chocolatechip cookies, but that didn’t turn out to be a success. After a few hours I gave up, and became a broken man… Until last Thursday! I went to the studio of Suzanne Merritt to connect with her on Innovation an Creativity. Her studio is the greatest thing you’ve ever seen.

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After wondering around I fell in love with a strange little wooden guy with a spear, and I don’t know exactly why, but I took a picture of it. Suzanne noticed it, and gave it to me as a totally unexpected gift. She said she didn’t send it to her gallery for also some strange reason.

What is the Moral of this Story?
Don’t focus on what you want from somebody, but invest in the relationship with all your enthousiasm. Thank you Jan for this valuable lesson from the Netherlands!;) And of course, thank you Suzanne for this little man standing in our window-sill.



One comment on “Jan’s Valuable Lesson

  1. Congratulations, it is great gift to receive in exchange for your story about innovation and creativity. Now keep on spoiling her with your good stories,…

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