Karmic Kickback

In my latest post I wrote about Mindvalley and the way they´re organising their company. Typical for Mindvalley is to think in non-linear business strategies in stead of the regular business models based on a linear perception of achieving goals. Basicly, what they did is to create a playground in which you as an employee can turn your dreams into reality. The Karmic Kickback they´re creating turns out to be far creater than any linear business strategy (see latest post – happiness is the new productivity).

The way mindvalley organises their company and treat their talent is innovative on it’s self. However the products they develop (as a result of how they facilitated their talent) are very cool aswell. For example www.mindvalleyinsights.com, which was launched march this year (2012). It’s a website based on the problem a lot of entrepreneurs face: a really cool idea is easely copied or stolen. For mindvalley, a lot of their ideas were being copied by their competitors. In stead of wasting time and energy on preventing or conquering, they established this website to share all the information and ideas competitors are after. This means every template, every meeting, every spreadsheet about how they run their business will be shared online. By this, MindValley will be one of the first companies to be completely devoted to sharing everything about their business in an open source model.

Their now helping their competitors to become better. It would be great to learn how this will effect Mindvalley. My assumption is that they found a briljant way to transform a problem into a powerful tool to market themselves even more as a leading player in the personal growth business and beyond. I think one of Mindvalley’s employee must be an aikido expert ;).


5 comments on “Karmic Kickback

    • Great! Do you also have professionals with an (Applied) Improvisation background over there? There seem to be much similarities in thinking between Mind Valley and our organization de Baak (www.debaak.com)!

    • Really cool to see that two great companies (Mindvalley and de Baak) think in non-linear ways to create the best available employees possible in helping them succeed in life.
      As part of de Baak I am fond of seeing other companies that are not afraid to be different, in order to make it a more beautiful world.

      Next year I will be in Malaysia, and I think I will have a short visit at Mindvalley to see how they incorporate that in the real business world.

  1. Great post Doekes. I really like how mindvalley acts. It remembers me of a TedTalk Shanti Silos shared recently: http://www.ted.com/talks/rodney_mullen_pop_an_ollie_and_innovate.html

    The interesting thing about this talk is the way Rodney describes the skateboarding community…..
    People start developing tricks, they share these tricks with the community, others take these tricks and develop them further to unbelievable degrees and bring them back to the community and again others will take these to the next level and so on and so on…. It seems like mindvalley is trying to do the same thing for the business community! cool!

  2. yes indeed we kinda are trying to do the same. Our tricks though are mostly focused on creating happier workspaces. We’re a big believer that more happiness = more results + a better world. And so we share this freely. Our culture model is explained in detail in this video http://www.mindvalley.com/culture

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