Happiness is the new productivity

One of the biggest problem for large companies, all over the world is to attrack, develop and maintain talent. Talented people are refusing to commit to an environment where they can’t make full use of their full potential, can’t contribute to the world or are “managed” by managers that are uninspiring for them. The need to work for a company is far less than it used to be. More than ever it is easy to set up your own business. You can easely join entrepreneurial networks and the knowledge of “how to” is spread all over the internet for free.

Mindvalley, an Malaysian company in the personal growth market is trying to do things differently. What Mindvalley is doing, is building a workplace where employees very much profit from being a part of. They’re not focussing on achieving linear goals in order to gain profit. What their doing is making sure that you as an mindvalley employee achieve your personal goals (linked to Mindvalley’s vision). They’re on a mission of building the World’s greatest workspace and by that they hope to reshape (by inspiring) the workspace of many traditional companies.

This way of working is very profitable for Mindvalley. Their becoming famous around the world. Talented people from all over the world are applying in order to work for Mindvalley. Most of people that have worked for mindvalley turn into entrepreneurs and start a business back in their own country. Almost all, linked to mindvalley or they’ve even started their local mindvalley company. By this Mindvalley is creating a world wide network of really talented people, absolutely devoted to Mindvalley’s vision and business.

I’ve selected this awesome video from the CEO of mindvalley where he explains more about the way Mindvalley works. Basicly what he is saying, is that “happiness is the new productivity” and that it creates a hugh ‘karmic kickback’ which (on the long term) is more profitable than any business strategy.  Cool isn’t it?


4 comments on “Happiness is the new productivity

  1. Some very true things you’re sayin’ there. Both on the talent thing and the happiness aspect. I can recommend “The Happiness Advantage” bij Shawn Achor. In the book, the truth about happiness and productivity is theoretically explained, but also back by dozens of striking experiments.

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