Dial 112 for innovation ?

A qualified nurse working for the 112 emergency call center  recently shared an interesting experience about a new and simplified call center script. Not necessarily bad, but hardly innovative.  One of the goals of the new script is to allow lower qualified personnel to perform the 112 call center job. Is that better or just cheaper? Here’s a potentially more innovative set of ideas for 112 to bring about better help:

  • Are these cheaper call center agents still paid enough to keep their mind on the work?
  • Where do autonomy, Mastery and Purpose come in for call center agents?
  • Camera views from mobile devices (Please can you show me the situation?)
  • Geographical tracing of victims (Can we trace your location please?)
  • The use of social media (Let me check if there is help in the area ?)
  • First aid instructions by SMS or mail (can we send you instructions now?)
  • Augmented reality glasses for basic emergency procedures (can you help with your emergency glasses on?)

Life Magazine picture: future or past ?



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