Seth Priebatsch: The game layer on top of the world

This TED video about Seth Priebatsch was recommended to me by Jeremy Bushnell. He teaches (among other things) a writing class at Boston University in which he uses gaming principles. I’m going to talk to him on Tuesday, so please post your questions for him. 

I personally am interested in how we translate all these principles in real life and innovation processes. And, as I am an executive trainer, how can we use these principles in the development of the leaders of the future.


2 comments on “Seth Priebatsch: The game layer on top of the world

  1. Damn, Rutger. How come you are meeting all the guys and insitutes that I’m very impressed with… I’m feeling a bit jealous, so enjoy my envyness (is that a word?) ;). I have a question. Not particular for Seth:
    – Your posts are always about a specific topic. Can you write a summary of what insights you got since your arrival in Boston. What do the businesses in Boston do differt from businesses in Holland? What’s the general picture there working on? How do you think the innovation in Boston will effect business in The Netherlands? And for de Baak in specific. What can de Baak learn for your experiences so far. Keep on shining over there. I’m reading your post with a lot of fun.
    – I’m getting more and more interested in “collaborative leadership”: Working in teams with individuals with differt backgrounds, crossing borders of departments and even companies. Companies that are sharing workspaces so employees of the two different companies start sharing ideas? Is it a big topic in Boston?
    – It would be great to organise a gamification / improvisation event in our new theater: playground. Pherhaps there are some people interested.
    – If possible, can we arrange some webinars with the people your meeting. It would be great if you could share your meetings and put them online as content for the Baak.

    Well, that were some thought. Would you like to do a skype session somewhere next month. I have a new role as “new learning developer” for Baak Open. Want to share some thoughts with you.

    • Hi Doekes!

      It’s going to be great working together. I’m now watching ‘your’ video about the World’s Greatest Workingplace, and I love it. It’s all about giving attention to each other and looking for possibilities in stead of creating regulations to control people… Gamification, improvisation, fun, new start-ups, etc. all are about these principles. It gives people the drive to add something to the world. I have some ideas how we can create something new within de Baak based on these principles. Let’s great a team crossing borders. I will share my insights coming week.

      And can you help me with setting up these webinars?

      All the best,

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