Office of the future, fit for innovation

The office best fit for innovation, in my personal view…:

  • … respects the reciprocal laws of nature
  • … operates like a flock
  • … is active in the cloud
  • … has birds of a feather, still it is diverse
  • … has at least one bird who is always heading the other way
  • … has natural coordination but it’s not entirely clear who is the boss
  • … has a certain disdain for the law of gravity
  • … last but definitely not least: these birds have a sense of humour

@Rutger: Enjoy the picture…nightly regards from Amsterdam.


5 comments on “Office of the future, fit for innovation

  1. After a quick and dirty Internet search, I found this artificial life simulation program for flocking behaviour. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly this flocking simulator is not programmed according to the rules described above. It’s rules are Separation, aligment and cohesion, which is not a bad model to start out from. But the programmer has assumed in the intelligence of his program that all his birds in the flock want to head the same way and that only birds of the same colour will eventually flock. Which breaks two of the main premises, stated above: possibility of productive contrary behaviour in flocks and diversity in flocks. Here’s the link to the flocking simulator

  2. As a favor in return ( you asked for it) i would like you to record and post a movie, where someone gives you something for free, that is actually not free to start with (a coffee, candy, food, some kind of service! Not money!) for making them laugh about one of your stories. This person must be a stranger to start out with.

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