Interview with Tim Douglas (Emerson College): What does innovation look like?

Today I had an interesting conversation with Tim Douglas. He was part of the original cast of ImprovAsylum in Boston and works now as an assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission at Emerson College. He is a person who has really interesting thoughts about Improvisation and the game of Innovation on a practical and abstract level. I asked him to draw a picture of Innovation and explain this afterwards. Could it help us to find ‘the truth’?

I think there is an interesting tension in the part of sharing ideas, as I spoke a lawyer a couple of weeks ago who said “The biggest misunderstanding in Innovation is to share your idea with others. Never do so, because they will steal your idea!!”. I know of course what he means regarding to patents, but all non-lawyers talk about a more social kind of Innovation. I’m gonna try to find a lawyer to draw their picture of Innovation. I’ll bet it has thick walls and small peepholes to watch the competition:) As reality is only perception – I hope we can combine those visions into one simple game in which people can be creative.


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